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    Kate Spade New York Beacon Court Jeanne Top Handle Handbag Black
    Kate Spade New York Beacon Court Jeanne Top Handle Handbag Black
    Kate Spade New York Beacon Court Jeanne Top Handle Handbag Black

Kate Spade New York Beacon Court Jeanne Top Handle Handbag Black

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A sartorial exclamation point When Kate Spade launched her handbag line in 1993, it was an enchanting mix of chic, classic design with a healthy dose of whimsy.

Twenty two years on, that whimsy and cheeky good taste has been dialled up significantly with an expanded collection of accessories, shoes and clothing. For the last eight years, it's been Brit expat Deborah Lloyd who has been at the helm of the what stores carry kate spade purses brand as president and creative director. A I think there's still that vintage but it's reimagined and modernized within there and it's often where I get a lot of my inspiration. It's really looking forward. It's modern clothes for modern women. Q With this season's collection, tartan is huge. What else is infused in it? A Definitely for the September collection you can see the tartan but it really was a woodland theme. So you've got the tartan but there are some fun characters in there everything from a little gnome to a mushroom to a fox. We loved the foxy lady idea for this collection. We used a lot of fake fur on jacket collars and on accessories. It's really this nice warm woodland feel that takes you into fall in a fun way. Q So where did the inspiration for this fall collection come from? A If I look back on our inspiration, it was really the books of Roald Dahl. Mr. Fox was a favourite growing up. So it was interesting characters and bringing them to life. Q Will that theme continue into the season? A Yes, those themes will appear in all sorts of things. Q So what's your favourite piece from this collection? A I love the check poncho. I have a house upstate (New York). It's an area that everyone is saying is becoming very "hickster." So I love my "hickster" poncho. Q What about silhouettes for shoes this season? A I love the classics: the pointy high (heel) but playing with those. Also some great boots this season, and also we're kate spade christmas sale introducing some nice pointy toe flats too. Q What would be your advice for women on how to mix pattern that is still big this season? A I think start small. It can be about a patterned shoe and then you can sort of layer things on. I'm a designer but sometimes it's hard for me to put it together again, as much as I put matching plaids together, which is very easy, but they are in different textures. So they go together nicely. Just be cautious and try as you feel comfortable to more pieces together. I think we're going into a moment in fashion where more is more. It's almost like your grandmother's attic is going to come alive. I think more is more. Q Do you think then it's no longer about making mistakes? A I think it's about your confidence. It's about how confident you feel to layer on those pieces: the pattern, the jewelry, the glasses, kate spade locations the shoes. It's just what you feel you can take. Q Style on the West Coast is ultra casual. So how would you suggest bringing some glamour to holiday dressing with the Kate Spade esthetic? A You don't have to go the whole glamour route. I think dressing for the evening is the perfect pair of high shoes or a stores that carry kate spade beautiful pair of pointy flat shoes. And it's about a bag. It's the exclamation point in your outfit. It could be just a splash of colour or a really cool top but it doesn't worn (with) everything dressed up. It's about picking the pieces so it doesn't have to be the full on gala look. Q What's your favourite dressy go to look? A I do love a cocktail dress, I have to say. I like to put a leather jacket over top that cuts the sweetness. Q So the spring summer 2016 collection is out. What was your inspiration there? A It is all about florals. In New York we have such harsh winters. It was really about that spirit of the first day of spring and our celebration of that.

I know if I ever have creative block, the first place I head is to the flower market. It really inspired all the floral prints we have going throughout the collection for spring. There you'll see more mixing and matching of patterns.

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